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Destroy Nate Allen: Vegetables (Official Music Video)

Destroy Nate Allen has released an official music video for their song “Vegetables” from their album With Our Powers Combined (featuring Gnarboots).

Itunes: http://smarturl.it/u4xqza
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/y4oigb
Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/zj70r9

Filmed in 2012 by the audience. Edited by Joel Tigerrawk Swanson http://smarturl.it/ordvmu

Complete 43 show 2012 tour archive: http://smarturl.it/jnlhv7

Destroy Nate Allen play interactive, sing-a-long, folk punk. They are from Kansas City.

More information at http://DestroyNateAllen.com

Blaster The Rocket Man / Destroy Nate Allen Split 7″

I discovered Blaster The Rocket Man in 1999. Their album The Monster Who Ate Jesus was and still is one of the greatest sci-fi, punk, whatever album’s I’ve heard. Shortly after the record came out Blaster broke up. Flash forward 10 years. I heard a rumor that new Blaster songs had surfaced. After some research, I learned that Crossroads of America and Flannelgraph Records had convinced Blaster to […] Contine reading →