High Endurance Records is the record label, book publisher, and organizational hub for the projects of Nate and Tessa Allen. We both grew up dreaming of working in the music industry and feel so privileged to still be at in all these years later. This site is an effort to put all our creative projects under one roof. We hope you enjoy looking around, and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your support.


1989 - Tessa Discovers Guns and Roses.

1994 - Nate boldly rejects his dad's offer of his record player and sells it in a garage sale. A few weeks later, Green Day changed his life forever.

1995 - Tessa graduates from High School and moves to Nashville.

1995 - Nate gets a concussion in his first moshpit at a Newsboys show and gets MXPX On The Cover for Christmas.

1996 - Tessa begins DJing at WRVU and conducting on-air interviews with artists such as Steve Taylor, Kevin Max Smith, and Jamie Row.

1998 - Nate attends Tomfest, has a concert for his 17th birthday featuring Shorthanded and The Beldings, and begins promoting shows around Roseburg, Oregon.

1998 - Tessa moves to Chicago after seeing Crashdog play.