Destroy Nate Allen

Punk Rock Theater

Established: 2006

Destroy Nate Allen photo by Carmen O' Brien

Selected Duo Recordings

Glow In The Dark - 10" Vinyl
With Our Powers Combined
Split 7" with Blaster The Rocket Man
The Eureka Recordings
Perfect Recipe For A Smile
Welcome To The Future

For solo recordings see Nate Allen / Good Saint Nathanael

“Quirky and off-beat and crazy fun.” – Huffington Post

“One of those you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it bands that only comes along once in a great while.” – Jersey Beat

“The King and Queen of Audience Interaction” – I Heart Local Music

“The love child of Atom and His Package and the Aquabats.” – Punk Rock Theory

“Downright entertaining on a hilarious level” – Golden Mixtape

“DNA take one of American’s greatest forms of expression, folk music, flips it on its head & kicks it in the ass.” – DIT Kalimazoo

“Thank you for supporting acoustic party power, Nate!” – Andrew W.K.

It’s entirely impossible to not smile” – Song from the Road

“Self-confessed ‘kid songs for adults’ that bares anti-folk similarities to Moldy Peaches or The Meat Puppets curating Sesame Street.” – God is In The TV (UK)

“Folk punk has never been more fun until now!” – No Gods No Masters

“Their raw, noisy, punk-influenced storytelling brings me back to a time when going to shows and making friends was more important than the sonic quality of a recording or how it held up against the great recordings in rock ‘n roll history.” – Tangzine

“One of the best cd’s to brighten my doormat in ages.” – Burning World (UK)

“When the band excels at being unusual, they soar.” – Punk News

“Fun, cheezy, comic-book like.” – The Punk Site

You guys lived up to everything we’d heard! …. A Punk Rock I Love Lucy” –Andrew Jackson Jihad

“It was lyrical. It was physical. It was in your face, They did what they had to do AND IT WAS GOOD!” – Strictly Beats (The Moldy Peaches)

“This is music that anyone can appreciate” – Room Thirteen (UK)

“It’s like all the forces of nature combined to make this exactly the sort of thing you can’t help but get behind. “ – Dying Scene

“There isn’t really a better description for Nate and Tessa’s sound except fun” – Taste Like Rock

“It was just so much fun, everyone at Wonder Fair was smiling ear to ear. It might be a while, but I’m definitely gonna be ready the next time these guys come through here. And next time, I’m bringing everyone I know. ” – MTYMNHKA

“Nate and Tessa have amazing chemistry – I feel almost like an eavesdropper, listening to them sing about their love.” – Crappy Indie Music

“Nate and Tessa – create acoustic tripe that’s one half PBS after-school tunes for adults and the other half local community theater set to music.“ – HM Magazine

“Truly, there’s no other band out there like this.” – Faster and Louder

“This really is something different, and will sit among your punk and pop albums. So, grab a beer, grab your guitar and put this CD in and join in!” –Punk Globe

“Why even continue to call your self a punk act when clearly you are playing joke songs with only an acoustic. Where is the pissed off lyrics and distorted guitars and blistering drums.” – Spunkzine

“Allen spun and karate kicked in a one-man mosh pit, and was completely drenched in sweat by the end of the set.” – Hey Reverb (Denver Post)

“They sound like they’re having a good time and they want everyone to have a good time with them and they’re going the right way about it.” – Alt-Sounds (UK)

“Catchy sing-a-along punk tunes that tear through acoustic guitar strings like lumberjacks tearing down a forest,“ – PDX Pipeline

“This adorably married couple from Portland, Oregon represent everything that I love about truly great punk rock. They screamed, they jumped around (a lot) and they had more fun than anyone within a five mile radius. This wasn’t so much them putting on a show as having a blast with a bunch of old friends they just met. They ran around the inside of the circle they had created, singing in peoples’ faces and getting the crowd to sing along with them. They sang songs about eating more vegetables, songs about love and songs about which one of them was more punk rock (this tour it was Nate). Despite knowing who was coming next, I was genuinely sad when their set ended. Destroy Nate Allen are definitely a must see if they ever come back to Chicago.” – Windy City Rock

There’s very little that’s typical about folk-punk duo, Destroy Nate Allen. It’s not just their unique blend of folk, punk rock, campfire songs & foot-stomping country jams that set them apart; it’s their live performances—which are unlike any other bands’ out there.

“At this point pretty much every show involves: sing-a-longs, circles, very personal interactions, improv theater moments, marriage counseling, and as much punk rock as we can sweat out,” says guitarist/vocalist Nate Allen, who is accompanied by his wife Tessa on tambourine and vocals.

Right at the onset of the show, the audience quickly realizes they are in for something completely unlike the standard, run-of-the-mill, live-band performance. Nate and Tessa position themselves on the floor—even at venues with a stage—and have the audience make a circle around them, instantly shaking the audience awake, requiring their participation as much as the band’s.

“I don’t like the audience/performer barrier and I want to do away with it when at all possible. We are also trying to empower people to feel more joy and (do sillier things) than they would ever dream of doing at a show,” says Nate Allen.

Things only get weirder from there, as Nate and Tessa run back and forth inside the circle, not using microphones or amps, often singing inches away from members of the audience—in some cases going right up to people and touching them. But the goal for Destroy Nate Allen isn’t to make people uncomfortable—it’s to make them happy. Sometimes that means pulling people out of their comfort zone and reminding them what it feels like to be a kid.

“My favorite live shows were always the ones where I walked away feeling like I’d spent my time well. This often meant wearing home a huge smile. So I guess I’m just trying to be like my heroes and show people a VERY good time,” Nate Allen says.

Since Destroy Nate Allen are trailblazers in a category of their own, they are often left doing everything themselves—including booking tours, promotion, recording albums. They do it all!

“I don’t think DNA has ever really been DIY by choice per say. We’ve self-released most all of our music because no one has stepped up to help us out and so I’ve just gone ahead as best I could,” says Nate Allen.

Being so thoroughly independent has afforded them the freedom to grow and change in ways that has preserved their unwavering uniqueness, something they are extremely proud of.

“Being DIY has made us the band we are… being stretched and hungry has made us an intense live show and lead us to constantly reinvent ourselves over the years. Besides the shows, our tours generally consist of hanging out with as many people as possible and trying to recognize teaching moments as they come along. I guess this is what happens when two extroverts get married,” Nate Allen says.

Destroy Nate Allen started as the solo/indie/folk project of Nate Allen. Ironically it was Tessa who suggested that Nate use Destroy Nate Allen as his band name nearly three years before she would join DNA. The first two Destroy Nate Allen albums Awake O' Sleeper, and Take It Easy are Nate at his early touring folkiest.