Good Saint Nathanael

Quiet songs & rock n' Roll

Established: 2018

Destroy Nate Allen photo by Carmen O' Brien

Selected Recordings

Hide No Truth
Pre Good Saint Nathanael Solo albums by Nate:
Take Out The Trash
Until My Ankles Better
Don't Let This Smile Fool You
Take It Easy
Awake O' Sleeper

Uncut Weekly Playlist: The "Lightning" video was included along with the likes of Kurt Vile, Lucy Dacus, Bob Mould, Patty Griffin, Edwyn Collins and Cass McCombs.

New Noise Magazine: "Hide No Truth embodies the notion of a performer bearing their soul on record, and like the best of its kind, it miraculously straddles the line between too personal and too damn relatable…"

The Pitch KC: On Hide No Truth, Nate Allen examines his 'broken Christian religious experience.

Idioteq (Poland) - "an introspective masterwork"

Spinditty: "an earnest, melancholic, and impossible to forget album. Nate Allen has put the world on notice that he is a songwriter to be reckoned with." & interview

A Diverse Sound: "a treasure worth reflecting upon time and time again"

HM Magazine: "It’s what being exposed to someone’s personal storyline should feel like: uncomfortable, familiar, and – ideally – inspiring."

Bramonius: (Belgium) “It’s a remarkable and intriguing album.”

Eight One Sixty Interview: "This type of rips your heart out and shows it to you as it's still trying to pump blood"

Indie Vision Music: "Listening to this record makes one want to slow down a bit, be more intentional, love a little more, be kind to those around you."

Phantom Tollbooth: "This is a brilliant set of songs, a tour de force of inner turmoil and restoration."

Jesus Freak Hideout Review: "Hide No Truth is a humble, honest, and vulnerable album that deserves your attention."

I Am Tuned Up: "an expression of both desperation and hope"

I Heart Local Music: "That feeling when you can see lightning flash across the sky but never hear the thunder? Allen captures that."

The Bridge: “A deft, vulnerable work”

Leo Weekly: “Dark folk from Kansas City”

The Bozho: “mystic folk singer”

Rev Folklore Reviews: “a really rewarding listen”

The Bad Copy: Bombs Lyric Video Premiere: “With his new endeavor Good Saint Nathanael, Nate ventures into quiet, very vulnerable new territory.”

Playlistplay: "The incredibly vulnerable Good Saint Nathanael strips back everything and leaves nothing but Allen, his guitar, and his thoughts."

Mbird: "Highly recommended"

Year End Lists:

Best of The Bridge “Bombs”

Jesus Freak Hideout: Lucas Munachen (#6)

Phantom Tollbooth: Brian A. Smith (#1 – tied with T Bone Burnett)


Urban Achiever
Dorkness To Light
Church & Other Drugs
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As The Story Grows
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Live Video Sessions:

Upstate Sessions: “Coming Unglued”
Slightly Gigantic Media: “Everything That’s Lost”
thesongdayproject: “Bombs”

Nate Allen is a husband, father, friend, mystic, writer and songsmith (Destroy Nate Allen / Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots), who has been touring the US since 2004. With his new endeavor, Good Saint Nathanael, Nate ventures into quiet, very vulnerable territory. Hide No Truth, the project debut, has been hailed by critics as "an introspective masterwork" (IDIOTEQ), "a treasure worth reflecting upon time and time again" (A Diverse Sound), and "an earnest, melancholic, and impossible to forget album" (SpinDitty).

Long Form Bio:

Near the end of Nate Allen’s first Destroy Nate Allen tour he spray painted the words “My Goal Is Resolution” boldly on his acoustic guitar. The vulnerability and complexity of that statement unknowingly charted a course for his life. 

With his new project Good Saint Nathanael, Nate Allen is turning to face his demons leading with a rare, disarming vulnerability. On Hide No Truth, the harder Nate looks at himself in the mirror, the more humanity reveals its bitter, beautiful complexity. 

The nine songs on Hide No Truth find Nate stripping back his sonic palette to reveal stark, memorable, acoustic songs full of detail and intention. 

In what is a cathartic move towards self-choice, honest art and emotional health, Nate uses religious language to explore human vulnerability and his own broken Christian religious experience. 

Hide No Truth was recorded and mixed by Jon Terrey (Listener, The Chariot). Then Nate assigned different friends to add whatever their vision of “noise” was to each track, further adding to the haunting soundscape. Lastly, the record was mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master Studios (John Prine, Frank Black, June Carter Cash).

"A poorer rich man, I've never known, so full of friendship thinks he's alone. There is no creature, I so despise as Good Saint Nathanael made up of lies."