White Flag

White Flag first appeared as a gentle folk ballad on the Destroy Nate Allen album Take It Easy. It has since appeared on Perfect Recipe For The Smile, RVA, and Glow In The Dark. This song has been performed at nearly every Destroy Nate Allen show since 2007.

You can purchase it via Bandcamp, or stream (the remaster) on the platform of your choosing.


If it’s true that this would happen before even time began

Then I guess I’ll just surrender because I’m doing all I can

Yes in vain I’ve risen early just to stumble home too late

Ignoring all the factors that determine my fate

And I’m gonna raise the white flag

I’m gonna raise the black flag too

I’m gonna raise the white flag

And sing this song for you

You see these words they are not weapons

But these streets brew honesty

We’re all soldiers a journey We’re all pilgrims you and me

So may all fear be forgotten as the memories fade away

May the whole world join us in this song as we dance on yesterday